We are an independent research lab that experiments and studies along with Psychic Mediums. We are a group of Psychic mediums and people interested in the subject. Brougth together around a phenomenon that is difficult to define in its whole. We are an open, transit, mobile organization. We don´t want to fill up a space, we want to generate a movement.

Intangible Lab is a group that brings together people with similar experiences and questions. Our objective is to generate a new theory about life after death. We are a non-religious, non-mystical, non-spiritual, non-philosophical, non-scientific movement. What are we? We are the search.

In this site you will find 40 video-documented sessions investigated case by case. They are separated in 2 documentary series. Also there are videos of some of our conferences and interviews to different denominations and religions priests. Please share.

We don´t accept donations or money from people, governments, churches nor NGOs. This allows us to keep an independent editorial line. We are independent so we manage limited resources. The lab is supported by its own activities like workshops, lectures and conferences. People of many religions work in the Lab.

Sebastián Lía.